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Descent: Part 2, The



Descent: Part 2, The (2009)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
David Julyan

Released in:

Great Britain

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MovieScore Media MMS-10001

MovieScore Media MMS-10001  

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Collection: 38
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  Track listing

1.  Mountain Opening (00:54)
2.  Sarah Freaks Out (03:31)
3.  What Happened (01:56)
4.  Cath and the Crawler (02:54)
5.  Drive to Chapel Mine (01:08)
6.  Exploring the Mine (03:14)
7.  Pursuing Vaines (03:36)
8.  Cath Is Trapped (02:16)
9.  Attack and Fall (02:31)
10.  Alone in the Cave (01:10)
11.  Juno Returns (01:40)
12.  Rios Leaves a Message (02:09)
13.  The Pit (03:51)
14.  The Rock Bridge (03:06)
15.  The Feeding Chamber (02:59)
16.  The Descent: Part 2 (04:03)

Total Duration: 00:40:58
Track listing contributed by JuPe

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