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Mrs. Dalloway



Mrs. Dalloway (1997)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Ilona Sekacz

Released in:

United States, Great Britain, Netherlands

Drama, Romance, Indie

Also known as:
  • Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway (1997)

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Milan Records 35845-2

Milan Records 35845-2  

United States 
Release Date

Conducted by Dick Bakker. Performed by The Dutch Metropole Orchestra.

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  Track listing

1.  Opening Title (04:25)
2.  Mrs. Dalloway Goes Shopping (03:45)
At The Flowershop/Writing in the Sky/Home from the Shops
3.  Clarissa and Sally (06:13)
Clarissa on the Swing/Intimite Conversation/Dancing Together/Summer Friendship
4.  Septimus (03:45)
The Ghost of Evans/At the Surgery/Home with Rezia
5.  Summer Party at Boughton (04:06)
Polka/Peter Meets Dalloway/Peter and Clarissa/Boating on the Lake/Cakewalk
6.  The Elder Statesmen (02:53)
7.  The Suicide (02:52)
The Red Bus/Septimus Sees Evans/The Suicide/Rezia
8.  White Tie (03:23)
Dressing For The Party/First Waltz
9.  At the Party (02:58)
Thinking of Septimus/Remembering Boughton
10.  The Return of Hope (02:43)
11.  Peter and Clarissa (01:51)
The Broken Heart/Together at Last/Last Waltz
12.  End Credits (06:12)

Total Duration: 00:45:06
Track listing contributed by boeverj

Compilation Albums

Silva Screen SILKD 6018 Image supplied by
Wim van Schaik

Silva Screen SILKD 6018  

Great Britain 
Release Date

City of Prague Philharmonic conducted by Kenneth Alwyn.

Also contains music from:
 English Patient, The
 Much Ado About Nothing
 Wuthering Heights
 Romeo And Juliet
 Last Of The Mohicans, The
 Twelfth Night: Or What You Will
 Sense And Sensibility
 Pride And Prejudice
 Little Women
 Far From The Madding Crowd

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Cinema's Classic Romances

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Collection: 33
Wish list: 3

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  Track listing

1.  The English Patient - As Far As Florence / Rupert Bear (04:08)
composed by: Gabriƫl Yared
2.  Much Ado About Nothing - Overture (03:48)
composed by: Patrick Doyle
3.  Hamlet (1996) - Swoets To The Sweet Farewell (05:16)
composed by: Patrick Doyle
4.  Emma - The Wedding (04:20)
composed by: Rachel Portman
5.  Wuthering Heights - Cathy's Theme (02:57)
composed by: Alfred Newman
6.  Romeo And Juliet - Suite (07:43)
composed by: Nino Rota
7.  The Last Of The Mohicans - Main Theme (03:17)
composed by: Trevor Jones
8.  Mrs. Halloway - Main and End Titles (06:44)
composed by: Ilona Sekacz
9.  Hamlet (1990) - Theme (02:40)
composed by: Ennio Morricone
10.  Twelfth Night - Orsino's Horsemen / The Disguise (04:17)
composed by: Shaun Davey
11.  Sense and Sensibility - Throw The Coins (End Title) (03:00)
composed by: Patrick Doyle
12.  Tess - Main Title / Encounter With Angel / Tess (05:48)
composed by: Philippe Sarde
13.  Pride and Prejudice (TV 1995) - Main Theme (03:55)
composed by: Carl Davis
14.  Little Women - Under The Umbrella (End Title) (04:10)
composed by: Thomas Newman
15.  Far From The Madding Crowd - Suite (13:33)
composed by: Richard Rodney Bennett

Total Duration: 01:15:36
Track listing contributed by Wim van Schaik

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