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18-Sep-2013 -

Amaren Eskuak ( Las Manos De Mi Madre)
Moving new score composed by Pascal Gaigne (Verbo, Omertá, Los Mundos Sutiles) for the movie, directed by Mireia Gabilondo. Amaren Eskuak is based on the popular novel written by Karmele Jaio about the generational and identity conflicts of a middle-aged woman when her mother, suffering the effects of Alzheimer's, is hospitalized. 
Pascal Gaigne has written a very sensitive, minimalist score, performed by the Solisterrae Orchestra, where different soloists act as the inner voices of the characters—especially piano, guitar and cello.
This album represents, once again, the powerful and unique voice of Pascal Gaigne within the contemporary European film music community.
Written and directed by Lucia Puenzo (The Fish Child, XXY), and starring Alex Brendemühl, Natalia Oreiro and Diego Pereti, this intense drama-thriller tells the true story of an Argentine family who lived with Josef Mengele without knowing his true identity: one of the biggest criminals of all times. 
The music for Wakolda, written by popular Argentine composers Andrés Goldstein and Daniel Tarrab, contrasts darkness with brightness, cold sounds with fulsome emotional music. It is scored for chamber orchestra, including solo instruments such as banjo, duduk, piano and guitars (both acoustic and electric).  Goldstein and Tarrab, authors of several film scores (including the sensitive music written for The Whore and the Whale, The Signal and XXY), won the World Soundtrack Award at the Ghent Film Festival for their score for Inheritance. The album includes five songs heard in the film.

The Last Days of Lucifer/Water Marked
Pascal Gaigne (Gordos, Castillos de Cartón, Chaika, 80 Egunean) and the Finnish director Rax Rinnekangas are one of the most established teams in recent European independent cinema, having worked together on five films.
Following up on our release of Matka Edeniin, Quartet Records is glad to present and support these two minor (but certainly interesting) scores. The Last Days Of Lucifer and Water Marked are the last two collaborations of Rinnekangas with Gaigne, sounding closer to contemporary music than to a conventional film score.
Surprisingly, The Last Days Of Lucifer consists of lieder (songs), sung by mezzo-soprano Itziar Lesaka, with the notable participation of violin soloist Pascal Arnaud. For Gaigne this has been one of the biggest challenges in the field of film music, and the result, of course, will not leave anyone indifferent.
Water Marked is about a half-Jewish Nordic photographer, the main character of the story, who arrives in Venice, hoping to capture the beauty of the city the Russian-American poet Joseph Brodsky called the “other Leningrad.” While there, the photographer unburdens his soul to Brodsky, whom he considers a spiritual brother, while taking pictures in the watermarked city. He is haunted by the actions of his Christian father, a University lecturer from Helsinki, who had worked as an informer on the Jews for Nazis during World War II. He carries also the pain of what he had finally done to this shameful father.
The dark, minimalistic score of Gaigne is conceived as an extended suite for piano, cello and viola.
An album recommended for those who are looking for "something else."
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